iKentoo Tutorial Videos


Discover the ins and outs of iKentoo's connected POS and back-office management tools, or get a refresher on something specific. 
Our tutorial videos are here for you!

A big thank you to our resellers EPOSability (UK) and JRL Systems (USA) for producing these videos !



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iKentoo Global overview

Back-office features demonstration



Course by course ordering

'On Hold' button feature

Item sequencing

Floor plan features

Guest Ordering

Self-service functionality



Payment & Deals

Splitting a check by item

Add a gratuity to check

Eat-in and Eat-out pricing

Zapper payment integration

Meal deal feature

Happy Hour




Setting up production instructions

Kitchen Display System



Back-office Management

Back-office reporting in-depth

Financial and operational reporting

Stock Control & Recipe Building in-depth

CRM & Loyalty functions in-depth


User & Staff management

Staff Tracking in-depth

Editing user privileges

Passcode login

QR code login

Add or edit a QR code to a user

Staff Clock-in / Clock-out

Cashing Up