What Are the 2018 Food Trends?

iKentoo, the iPad POS specialist summarizes the food and beverages trends to watch in 2018


Here we go! It’s time to look back at 2017, and review what’s to come. The same applies to the food and beverage trends and restaurant menus. What will we be eating in 2018? What will the next big hit drink taste like? Will glitter be everywhere? These are the questions we decided to tackle this week to provide restaurateurs with some inspiration for the upcoming year.


Flexitarian Diet

iKentoo Flexitarian Flexitarien.jpg

With people stepping away from meat, and decreasing their overall animal-based nutrients intake, the demand for plant-based proteins is expected to increase, says Baum + Whiteman. From seeds to algae, Waitrose predicts an expansion of the flexitarian diet, which consist in an “increased intake of plant-based meals without completely eliminating meat” according to dietician Emer Delaney. Similarly, Whole Foods Market expects technology to play a big role in creating plant-based alternatives such as the Impossible Burger.


From Bouquet to the Plate

iKentoo Fleur Flower.jpg


Well yes, a couple of years ago, decorating dishes with edible flowers became very popular. This trend should be revived in 2018 according to Whole Foods Market, in a way that brings out new flavors and textures. For example, we might be drinking more flower-infused drinks in the upcoming months. Lavender, elderflower, rose and hibiscus are likely to be the most trendy ones.  




Cocktail or Mocktail?

Mocktail virgin cocktail iKentoo.jpg


It may look, taste, smell and feel like a real cocktail, but it isn't! According to Pinterest, mocktails (or virgin cocktails) might just be what you want. We can expect to see and taste more of them this year. And with a price point quite similar to the boozy variety (when done well at least), we expect restaurateurs to wholeheartedly embrace this trend!






Pictures, Textures and Color

Eggplant purple food iKentoo violet Aubergine .jpg


Gastronomy and presentation go together like peanut butter and jelly, or tea and biscuits. But now, visual presentation of dishes will take on a new dimension as they have to be camera-ready at all time. Customers want to share their day on social media. What they eat and drink, and where they do so are a big part of it. After the rainbow (bagels, croissants, grilled cheese and burgers) and activated charcoal trends, here comes the edible glitter trend. According to Mintel continuous search for new textures and colors can be explained by wanting to share what we eat as an image. Talking about what we see, purple foods such as purple carrots, cauliflower might become trendy as well, as world-renowned color specialist Pantone elected it color of the year 2018.



Powders from Breakfast to Dessert

Spirulina iKentoo.jpg


Matcha, cocoa powder, turmeric and maca are nothing new. But what about moringa and spirulina? From breakfast bowls to desserts, experts predict that powerful powders such as these will be spicing up our dishes next year.




Mushrooms Everywhere

mushrooms iKentoo Champignon.jpg


Whole Foods that predicts an increase in mushroom-based food, drinks as well as hygiene products. From mushroom infused coffee to mushroom-based tea and soap, we’ll try them all.




Traveling through Taste

filipino Philipinne food cuisine iKentoo.jpg

According to the Waitrose’s report, Indian Street Food and Japanese Dude Food will be in. It even predicts an hybrid version of Indian-inspired delicacies (i.e. lamb keema tacos). On the other hand, Japanese Dude Food will look like the “hearty ‘dude food’ of the southern US states with the unctuous, rich and surprising flavours of after-hours Tokyo” (i.e. yakitori skewered chicken). Whole Foods on the other hand expects Middle Eastern cuisine to be trendy: from spices to fully cooked meals, prepare your tastebuds for some delicious travel. For Baum + Whiteman, Filipino cuisine and Korean upscale gastronomy might also be an upcoming 2018 trend. Finally, let’s not forget tacos! Many of us already really like tacos, but we might be surprised by new ways of tasting them: dessert tacos, seaweed shell tacos... 


Eating Habits

Regarding eating habits, Waitrose also expect a fourth meal to become a new thing. Our schedules being what they are, busy and all, squeezing in an additional meal when we can might be something we’re going to practice more often.


Conclusion? It appears that we are seeking new or alternative textures, and want to make an impression through the visual representation of what we eat and drink. Simultaneously, it appears that innovation in 2018 will happen by reappropriating well-known ingredients and adapting them in new ways. 2018 will be exciting!


Dinner is served!


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