Breaking News: iKentoo Receives the NF525 Certification!

iKentoo is pleased to announce that our new iPad-based POS solution has been certified NF525! This certification is the result of months of hard work, that brought major changes to the architecture of our solution, as well as numerous new features to help restaurant and hospitality professionals.

The NF525 certification is proof of iKentoo’s technical quality. We took advantage of this new version to further improve our product by introducing new features and a private blockchain technology security protocol. All in all, this certification symbolizes our forward-looking innovation policy and our desire to constantly improve.
— David Clerc, iKentoo’s co-founder and CTO


But What is NF525 ?

NF525 is a certification that guarantees that a POS solution complies to the French Loi de finances. The certificate is officially and legally recognized by the French Government. To be certified, POS software companies have to satisfy a number of criteria that attest to their solution’s reliability and the integrity of how the data are processed and saved.

The NF525 certification also allowed iKentoo to get the international ISO 25051 certification that speaks to the quality of the management procedures for software companies.

Even though the NF525 certification isn’t mandatory, we decided to pursue this certification in order to guarantee our solution’s compliance to the French fiscal laws, all to ensure an impeccable quality of our product and services to our clients.


After NF525

But at iKentoo, we didn’t want to stop there. Since our creation, our goal hasn't changed: we want to provide restaurateurs with innovative solutions that draw on the latest technologies in order to maximize their operational efficiency.

And this is why, with this certification behind us, we will continue to focus on bringing great innovations to our product.  

Today, we renew our commitment to our clients and market stakeholders that iKentoo will continue to develop an open 360° ecosystem while guaranteeing the highest possible security and quality standards.


iKentoo, great value for Europe's most advanced iPad POS system

iKentoo is the leader in the high-performance segment of the hospitality iPad Point of Sale market - addressing even the most complex industry needs.

Clients in France include multiple big groups such as the Big Mamma Group (East Mamma, Ober Mamma) and the Yogurt Factory, as well as the Hard Rock Cafe Lyon. In Switzerland, iKentoo supplies the 90+ Pouly Bakeries, and the Holy Cow group (multiple “fast-casual” brands). In South Africa, our clients include Bertus Besson’s restaurants, among which Overture, and the Cafe Flava Group. In the U.S., our clients include establishments such as The Exchange, the Mixd Up chain and Heirloom Market BBQ. In the U.K., we partnered up with groups and establishments like Yuu Kitchen and Maggie and Rose, and Friska. In Malta, we equip Danny’s MaltaBosSteaks and Hammett's Gastro Bar, and many more!

Thanks to its unique, intuitive and reliable solutions iKentoo caters to establishments of all sizes, and now serves over 3800 customers in 14 countries: from self-owned food trucks to full-service restaurants, and from hotels to franchises and multi-site chains, iKentoo does it all.