How to Boost Customer Loyalty in the Restaurant Industry ?

iKentoo, the iPad POS specialist, helps you increase customer loyalty in the restaurant industry


My customers leave with a big smile on their faces, but rarely return. This is a problem for many establishments. So how can you boost your customers’ loyalty and increase the chances of subsequent visits? And what about the holy grail, having them come back with their friends? Here are some easy tips and good practices that will help you on your customer loyalty journey.


It’s the Small Things

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Small things matter! Why not customize your tickets with a thank you message or a funny sentence? A free appetizer before the meal or some small sweets after will help you score points. In the same vein, giving your clients some exclusive advantages, such as free samples, thank you cards, rebates or vouchers can go a long way.


Loyalty Cards

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That’s what they’re meant for. Loyalty cards allow you to create a functional link between you and your customers. Many people will be inclined to renew their visit if they know that they’ll get something more out of it. Because hey, who doesn’t like good deals? Choose the type of loyalty card that works best for your establishment and your client base, whether it’s a buy-ten-get-one-free, a rechargeable gift card, or something else entirely.


Establish a Link

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We all need some attention, it’s what makes us human. Take advantage of this when serving your clients. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself by name as soon as you meet them, and put your award-winning smile and sense of humor on display! Social media is another great tool when it comes to establishing and fostering a relation, as you can respond to client feedback or interactions in real time, and show off your establishment and menu.


Survey your Clients

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We like to be asked how we’re doing and what we think. We also often like to give our opinion when we feel like someone’s listening. Ask your clients to give you feedback on their experience at your restaurant. And why not offer them a little something in exchange, as an incentive and thank you? A coffee, a croissant or a rebate on their next visit are a nice way to show your appreciation as well as a good way to increase their likelihood of coming back.


Foster the Connection

Once you've established an initial connection, don’t forget to foster it. This might actually be the hardest part. Every relationship has to be cared for and curated in order for it to exist, and grow stronger. Personalized offers, discounts, newsletters or text message campaigns can help you do so. Social media as well: the multiple formats and content that they offer, as well as the ability to write “as you speak” will allow you to convey and create emotions, which are important to retaining your customers.

With iKentoo, you can create client records for each one of your customers. And when you’ve done so, you’ll be able to see what they’ve ordered (as long as you’ve linked the orders to the client record). These data are highly valuable. You can use it to create customized offers by client or segment. Whether you are using a newsletter or targeting your customers on social media, take advantage of this feature.  


See you soon!


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