Innovation-Driven: When Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Restaurant Industry Expertise

iKentoo, the iPad POS specialist presents: Our innovation philosophy


Technology is sometimes thought to create a social barrier. But here at iKentoo we want to use technology to help you spend more time taking care of, and building a relationship with, your customers.

Since our founding in 2011, our promise has been to help restaurateurs increase their revenue and lower their costs. And how do we do that? By providing a POS system that offers everything a modern restaurateur needs. Our goal is to simplify your operational and management tasks so that you can focus on building the best relationship possible with your clients.


Operational Savvy

One of iKentoo’s strengths is a clear focus on actual restaurant operations - not restaurant theory. Whether it is an ergonomic and easy-to-use ordering interface, or management tools that help restaurateurs pinpoint improvement areas in their operations, our goal is to concretely simplify your day-to-day work. This focus comes from having built the POS solution with and for restaurateurs from the very start, and having a team where almost everyone, from software developers to sale representatives, have run or worked in an F&B establishment.

One example of this is iKentoo’s Offline Mode. Normally all data is synchronized and backed up in real time via the cloud, allowing you to access your reports via the Back-Office web platform at anytime, and anywhere. However, because internet connections sometimes drop (and always at the wrong moment too!) we developed a double redundancy communications protocol. Using a private location-based WLAN / WiFi network all iKentoo devices and connected hardware (printers, cash drawers, etc.) continue communicating in real time, even without internet. This means that you’ll be able to continue working normally even if the internet’s down, with an automatic re-synchronization when the connection is back. And the best part is that you don’t even need to install a local IT server in your restaurant!


A Complete Ecosystem

iKentoo’s user-friendliness will never change. We wanted to create a product that was easy to use and affordable so that everyone could benefit from it. The system’s transparency, simplicity and flexibility are further increased by our open API. The API acts as a standardized “plug”, allowing seamless connections between our POS system and 3rd party software solutions.


A restaurant works the same way a traditional company does. It incorporates HR, a production, logistics, accounting… Over the years, new software tools have been created to increase the establishment's performance and to simplify the restaurateur’s life. These include online ordering / e-commerce modules, reservation platforms, payment solutions, stock management tools, and yes, advanced POS solutions like iKentoo. To take a simple example, online ordering platforms save time compared to taking orders over the phone. In fact, the order is already complete and the bill settled when it reaches the restaurant. All that remains is preparing and delivering it.

Tools such as these can be very useful, but often aren’t interconnected - they don’t “talk” to each other. Therefore part of the information is lost or needs to be re-entered manually, which wastes time. That is where a modern and easy-to-integrate POS system like iKentoo adds value to your operations: by offering a platform that allows all these tools to be interconnected in one central hub, the establishment improves its performance. This lets restaurateurs save time, money and energy, while facilitating employees’ work.

Vision for the Future


iKentoo 3.0 (or version 3) will be released by the end of the year. While initially prompted by new fiscal requirements in France, set by the french “Loi de finances”, it goes much further and offers benefits for all our clients around the world.

We jumped at the opportunity and added new features and created new strategic partnerships that will help you boost your business’ performance. Here’s a small sneak peek: the cash float function has been improved. In this new version, you’ll be able to manage several cash floats and multiple currencies simultaneously!

Going forward our aim still is to offer solutions that address restaurateurs’ concrete problems using cutting-edge technology. And we’re happy leave the big talk to the other players on market and focus on our clients’ real needs.  


Stay tuned


iKentoo, great value for Europe's most advanced iPad POS system

iKentoo is the leader in the high-performance segment of the hospitality iPad Point of Sale market - addressing even the most complex industry needs.

Clients in France include multiple big groups such as the Big Mamma Group (East Mamma, Ober Mamma) and the Yogurt Factory, as well as the Hard Rock Cafe Lyon. In Switzerland, iKentoo supplies the 90+ Pouly Bakeries, and the Holy Cow group (multiple “fast-casual” brands). In South Africa, our clients include Bertus Besson’s restaurants, among which Overture, and the Cafe Flava Group. In the U.S., our clients include establishments such as The Exchange, the Mixd Up chain and Heirloom Market BBQ. In the U.K., we partnered up with groups and establishments like Yuu Kitchen and Maggie and Rose, and Friska. In Malta, we equip Danny’s Malta, BosSteaks and Hammett's Gastro Bar, and many more!

Thanks to its unique, intuitive and reliable solutions iKentoo caters to establishments of all sizes, and now serves over 3800 customers in 14 countries: from self-owned food trucks to full-service restaurants, and from hotels to franchises and multi-site chains, iKentoo does it all.



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