Meet iKentoo’s new CSO - Welcome to the Team Benjamin Poulard

Drumroll please: iKentoo, the iPad POS specialist, is happy to introduce its new Chief Sales Officer Benjamin Poulard

Dear Partners, Clients, Friends and Family,

It is our utmost pleasure to introduce our new Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Benjamin Poulard.

After working for iKentoo from 2012 until 2015, Benjamin continued to focus on helping restaurants reach their full potential through technology.

We are happy to further pursue our common goal of providing restaurateurs with user-friendly solutions to improve their establishments’ performance by collaborating with this espresso loving restaurant and hospitality specialist.

Welcome back Benjamin! And keep the coffee coming!

Team iKentoo

Benjamin Poulard.jpg

iKentoo, great value for Europe's most advanced iPad POS system

iKentoo is a leader in the high-performance segment of the hospitality iPad Point of Sale market - addressing even the most complex industry needs.

Clients in France include multiple big groups such as the Big Mamma Group (East Mamma, Ober Mamma, La Felicità) and the Yogurt Factory, as well as the Hard Rock Cafe Lyon. In Switzerland, iKentoo supplies the 40+ Pouly Bakeries, and the Holy Cow group (multiple “fast-casual” brands). In South Africa, our clients include Bertus Besson’s restaurants, among which Overture, and the Cafe Flava Group. In the U.S., our clients include establishments such as The Exchange, the Mixd Up chain and Heirloom Market BBQ. In the U.K., we partnered up with groups and establishments like Yuu Kitchen and Maggie and Rose, and Friska. In Malta, we equip Danny’s MaltaBosSteaks and Hammett's Gastro Bar, and many more!

Thanks to its unique, intuitive and reliable solutions iKentoo specializes in supplying franchises, chains, high-volume restaurants, and hotels, and now serves over 4000 clients in 28+ countries!