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Our Tech

We launched iKentoo in 2011 with the conviction that restaurant owners and staff deserved better. We were sick of the dusty, inflexible and insanely overpriced Point of Sale (POS) and management solutions that dominated the market. By standardizing the hardware, combining advanced cloud software with the stability and ergonomy of an iPad, we set about changing the restaurant game for the better. 

Today iKentoo is a state-of-the-art iPad-based point of sale and enterprise management software for the restaurant and hospitality industries. Our technology empowers restaurateurs to streamline their operations and manage their business more efficiently. By standardizing our off-the-shelf hardware offerings, we have chosen to completely devote ourselves to building the best possible POS software for restaurateurs.

We strive to create cutting-edge technology to help restaurateurs increase their bottom line by giving them a better oversight to make actionable decisions to build their success. Our customers are a key driver of our innovation, and we constantly listen to them to craft the best product out there, and make it evolve over time. To stay ahead of the competition, we are constantly innovating, and giving the industry ever-more powerful and easy-to-use tools. If you want to discover what iKentoo has "under the hood", then read on!




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iKentoo Chained Transactions

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Proprietary private blockchain encryption

To respond to growing needs from restaurateurs around fiscal compliance and data security, iKentoo introduced a cutting edge private blockchain protocol in its version 3 : iKentoo Chained Transactions.

So, how does it work, and why do restaurants need it?

  • In each business outlet, all transactions, payments and state transitions are grouped into separate chained "blocks" in all connected iKentoo devices to create a continuous sequence.

  • The different blocks from each device are cryptographically signed and chained together to form that device's blockchain.

  • New operations are added at the end of the chain. Existing entries in the chain cannot be modified or removed without affecting the chain’s integrity.

  • Because the blockchain starts from the very first operation of a POS device using iKentoo 3.0, it provides full transparency by showing all changes and states of the POS from then until now.

  • Blockchains are exchanged between devices and with iKentoo’s cloud server. As a result, they serve as a secure, immutable transport mechanism for the outlet’s transaction data.

Because multiple devices contain copies of the blockchain, the end result is that the data is virtually impossible to tamper with, and clients have a built-in verification of the accuracy of their data. Which in practical terms means they can more easily identify, and thus prevent theft, immediately spot any technical glitches due to local network issues, and generally give them the confidence that sales data they see is always 100% accurate and up-to-date. 


iKentoo TrueSync Technology

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Enabling a serverless infrastructure without compromise

If you are implementing a POS solution for your establishment, you can typically choose between two options: 

  • Option 1 : an always-connected cloud-based POS that goes down with the first sign of trouble from your internet connection

  • Option 2 : a more reliable traditional tactile POS where you need to install an in-house IT server if you want mobile functionality

What if there was a way around this impasse?

iKentoo TrueSync Technology is our proprietary local communication protocol that addresses precisely that issue. Essentially, TrueSync allows all iKentoo devices in an establishment to communicate and share information over a standard wireless network, regardless of the quality of the internet connection itself. Devices exchange data packets to determine which device is available and find the most reliable device to store a particular account or transaction. As this is dynamic, devices can be added to the outlet very easily. This allows restaurants to have a fully cloud-based POS experience, with all of the flexibility and mobility that comes with it, while maintaining the reliability you'd expect of a traditional POS. 

What does that mean in practice? iKentoo works flawlessly in "offline mode", and you don't need to install and maintain a dedicated (and unreliable) on-premises server! 


Hardware Integrations

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Bridging the gap between the cloud and the physical restaurant

Each food & beverage business is different, and we know that they have unique hardware needs. Some establishments only have basic needs like printers and EFTPOS while others require advanced solutions such as drink dispensing systems, barcode & QR scanners, integrated scales, and dallas & RFID key readers. Although we’re a tablet system we have integrations with a lot of hardware components, in which the iKentoo POS iPad application becomes the centerpiece of an interconnected web of integrated software and hardware components working in synergy. iKentoo’s goal is to provide a fully integrated hardware-software experience to help its clients be more efficient, reduce error and increase their productivity. 


Open and Flexible APIs

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A full ecosystem of solutions connected to your POS

At iKentoo we believe that your POS should be able to connect easily and seamlessly to your other software tools. We have invested in developing a series of dedicated APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow our clients and 3rd party solutions to easily integrate with iKentoo. This allows our clients to be a truly customized POS and Back-Office experience, by combining iKentoo's extensive native functionalities with complementary software and hardware solutions. For example, a hotel that uses iKentoo to manage its in-house bar or restaurant can connect their Property Management System (PMS) to iKentoo in order to bill transactions directly to a guest's room, or to centralize all revenue from F&B sales in the PMS for easier oversight. 

In addition to the possibility of building custom integrations, we have dozens of integrations available off-the-shelf to our clients including: 

  • e-Commerce / online ordering

  • Payment terminals (EFTPOS)

  • Accounting / ERP softwares

  • Order ahead (takeaway or delivery)

  • Self-ordering and payment on premises

  • Property Management System for hoteliers

  • Online reservations

  • Business intelligence tools and dashboards

  • Loyalty systems

  • Advanced stock management and procurement

  • Etc.


A Scalable Software Platform

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Adapted to all F&B needs, from a single food truck to a network of 100+ restaurants

Today iKentoo serves F&B clients around the world of all kinds and sizes. Since our creation, we have developed our solutions to be as scalable and adaptable as possible. As a result, clients can start with a single, operationally simple establishment, and progressively begin using more advanced features and modules - at no extra cost - as they scale their technology and number of establishments.

With a bevy of features perfectly adapted to multi-site businesses, from advanced consolidated reporting to cross-network user rights and shared SKUs and price lists, iKentoo is perfectly suited to restaurant groups of all types and sizes. 


To Sum It Up

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iKentoo is simple : with an intuitive interface that is easy to learn and use. 

iKentoo is powerful : by allowing historical data to be accessed from anywhere and any device, restaurateurs can manage a very high volume of transactions. 

iKentoo is reliable : thanks to its underlying technology with iKentoo TrueSync and iKentoo Chained Transactions.

iKentoo is flexible : by giving the restaurateur the choice to adapt the number of POS to their needs in one click. I.e. adding a device for the terrasse during summertime. It also allows the client to evolve and open multiple businesses with consolidated financial reports, synchronized articles and much more...