iKentoo POS

iKentoo POS, our Point of Sale application, and is the starting point for our whole management system. Take orders, produce the food, manage tables and accept payments. You'll love the flexible and no-fuss interface.

iKentoo is also the world’s first ever POS system powered by a private blockchain, and incorporating our cutting-edge TrueSync technology.


Order Taking

  • Table-side ordering

  • Table & orders list

  • Menus & sequences

  • Direct sales & takeaway

  • Delivery

  • Allergens, picture and multilingual item description 

Table Management

  • Seating plans with occupancy rate

  • Quick transfer by rank or server

  • Multi-course ordering

Printer Management

  • Multiple production tickets

  • Printing error management

  • SKU / menu item grouping

  • Pre-configured or custom text

  • Cash report printing

Closing Orders

  • Multi-payment transactions

  • Bill-splitting

  • Debit accounts

  • Loyalty cards

  • Multi-currency

  • Variable VAT rates

  • Classical and dematerialized payment methods

  • Advanced cash float management 



  • Client file creation

  • Integrated loyalty cards

  • Receipt emailing

  • Tab & credit management

  • Invoicing


iOS POS application
iPad / iPod touch / iPhone
Continuous and secure backup


Offline mode
Continue working without internet
Powered by TrueSync technology


Continue working normally even if your WiFi internet connection drops. iKentoo's innovative till-to-till data sharing system allows you to keep your accounts up to date and your tables open on all devices in real time. No special material needed.



iKentoo Back-Office

iKentoo's Back-Office management portal is your one-stop hub to have a detailed view of your business performance. Configure your POS system, track your sales, manage your inventory, oversee your staff hours and much, much more.

The iKentoo Back-Office is a secure, web-based portal that you can access in real time, on any device and anywhere in the world.


SKU Management

  • SKU synchronisation across establishments

  • Define item composition

  • Recipe management

  • Multiple VAT rates

  • Sale price & margin

  • Rebates per item

  • Variable price items

Formulae & Sequences

  • Program complex menu scenarios

  • Set up multi-item formulas with multiple options

Financial Reports

  • Real-time data

  • Sales statistics by till, article or transaction

  • Financial reports: accounting, statistics by variable (sales period, rebate, cancellation, payment method, product, employee)

  • PDF, XLS exports sent automatically by email


  • Client-base management

  • Consumption & transaction analysis

  • Client file import & export

  • Loyalty card management


User Management

  • Detailed user or group of users rights attribution

  • Access and rights management

Time Clock

  • Oversee your employees' hours

Inventory Management

  • Integrated and automated stock keeping

  • Real-time visibility of your stock

  • Define item composition for margin Calculations based on ingredients

  • Automated stock alerts


Franchises & Multi-Sites

Manage all of your establishments, easily. 
Our multi-site management tools give you a consolidated performance overview for effective oversight across your business locations. Synchronize your menu across multiple establishments, assign different user accesses and rights, and manage your pricing in a few clicks.

Easy multi-site management
Shared menus, prices and accesses
Centralized management tools



Mobile Management Apps

To help our clients better manage their business remotely and on the go, iKentoo developed two proprietary apps that are included in the price of all of our contracts: iKentoo Live and iKentoo Stock. All you need to do is download the apps, enter your iKentoo credentials, and you're off!


iKentoo Live

One-click performance dashboard


Check your establishment's performance in real-time.


iKentoo Stock

Inventory Management on the go


To manage your inventory and stock movements on the go at any time, no matter where you are. 



Operational Optimisation

To help restaurant professionals optimise their operations, iKentoo has developed several additional products to reduce waiting, production and service time, as well as errors.


Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Digitalise your production centers with iKentoo Kitchen Displays (KDS) by turning an iPad into a screen that displays orders waiting to be prepared. KDS help improve your environmental footprint by decreasing your paper consumption, decrease the number of production mistakes (wrong or forgotten items…) and it will generate statistics about the time needed to prepare each item. iKentoo Kitchen Displays have two modes:   

KDS-en Vue ticket - iPad Silver.png

In Ticket Mode (FSR) items are displayed by order and appear the same way they would on a production ticket.

KDS-en Prod - iPad Silver.png

In Production Mode (QSR) all identical items are collated in one ‘ticket’. 




2-1 printer.png


  • Thermal

  • Dot-matrix

  • QR code

  • Portable

Tiroir caisse

Cash Drawer

  • Multiple sizes

  • Vertical and horizontal


2-3 iK iPad stand.png


  • iPad Air, Pro, mini

  • Client display for iPod


Payment Terminals

  • Multiple types integrated



  • Dallas key readers

  • RFID reader


Drink Tracking

  • Drinkotec

  • Addimat

  • Weissbeerger



  • Bar-code ticket scales

  • Ohaus (CH)*


Bar-Code Scanners

  • 1d&2d (wireless)

  • 1d&2d (wired)




To provide ever better service to all of our clients, iKentoo has developed partnerships with third party solutions that allow you to manage many aspects of your business that iKentoo by itself does not cover: payment terminals, reservation software, delivery solutions and more!

And if you don't see the integration you need, we have an API that will let you connect 3rd party solutions to iKentoo yourself. 

ikentoo proprietary API.png

Proprietary API: the data portal
Custom software modules
3rd party integrations


Our proprietary API lets our clients build custom software functions or seamlessly integrate outside solutions into our system:

  • e-Commerce / website

  • Click & collect

  • Self-ordering

  • Self-pay

  • Data-visualisation / Business intelligence

  • Etc.

Please contact the iKentoo support team if you are interested in using our API. 



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