Abacus x iKentoo Integration

AbaNinja is a cloud billing management solution for SMBs. The AbaNinja product, completely free to use, and fully integrated with iKentoo, helps you drive your business with an easy-to-use billing platform (for private events, regulars with a monthly tab, etc.), analysis of your expenses, and an overview of your employees’ productivity. It is possible to add additional high-performance features through a subscription to the Abacus G4 ERP, notably to access complete financial accounting tools.

Availability: Switzerland, Germany


Key characteristics of the integration with AbaNinja

  • Client billing, payment of supplier invoices and expenses, various types of reports

  • Accessible via the “cloud”, with your data available on PC, Mac or tablet

  • Quick, simple and friction-less integration between iKentoo and AbaNinja

  • The integration between AbaNinja and iKentoo allows you to connect to the full Abacus G4 ERP suite, including financial accounting products, for a monthly fee and without any additional setup

  • NB: If applicable, automatic and daily synchronisation of all sales data from iKentoo to Abacus G4 ERP (using AbaNinja as a connector), including product type and payment method

How to integrate AbaNinja with iKentoo

  1. Open and configure a free AbaNinja account on www.abaninja.ch/en/index.html

  2. Configure and activate the AbaNinja integration from within the AbaNinja interface (takes 5 minutes)

  3. Validate the integration with your iKentoo Back-Office credentials