Addimat x iKentoo Integration

Addimat is an electronic drink dispensing system that automates and secures your establishment’s drink dispensing. Different modules let you manage and precisely measure the dispensing of various types of drinks: beers, mixed drinks, soft drinks etc.

Availability: Switzerland

Key characteristics of the integration with Addimat

  • Two ways of operating:

    • Dispense drinks directly from the Addimat system, with the articles automatically entered into iKentoo for payment (or assignment to a table or tab)

    • Enter and pay for drinks (or assign them to a table or tab) in iKentoo and automatically unlock their dispensing in Addimat

  • Create Dallas key accesses with specific roles for each user to operate the integration: standard user (as above), manager (with option to dispense drinks without payment), cleaning access etc.

NB: the integration requires the installation of an IOT connector module to create the interface between iKentoo and Addimat

How to integrate Addimat with iKentoo

  1. Request that the iKentoo and Addimat teams activate the integrate

  2. Provide all required information on your establishment for the initial configuration of the integration

  3. Install the IOT connector module once it has been configured by iKentoo

  4. Manual activation of the integration by the iKentoo and Addimat teams