aleno x iKentoo Integration

aleno is a Swiss reservation system that enables restaurateurs to increase sales, improve their establishments’ occupancy rates by automating table rotations and offers them full access to their guest data. The integration with iKentoo merges guest and POS data which then can be used to optimize service, marketing and capacity utilisation.

NB: aleno is available worldwide

Aleno English Reservation iKentoo Partner Integration.png

Key characteristics of the integration with aleno:

  • A reservation received on aleno opens an iKentoo account.

    • If you’re using a floor plan, this reservation will automatically be assigned to a table in the iKentoo floor plan.

  • Once the account has been closed, iKentoo sends the account’s information to aleno (client file, order details, financial data).

NB: aleno is available in German and English

How to integrate aleno with iKentoo

You can easily integrate aleno into iKentoo in just a few steps. The instructions can be found here

Pricing Model

aleno has a flexible pricing model. There are no monthly fixed costs, no costs for training, setup or support. The monthly fee depends solely on the number of seats booked.

Pricing is determined by how many seats have been booked in a month:

  • The 600 first seat bookings/month are free

  • Seat bookings/month 601 to 3000: 0.10 CHF / 0.09€ per seat

  • All seats as of the 3001st are free