CashDev x iKentoo Integration

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CashDev develops and sells automatic cash management machines to streamline cash payment at checkout. This helps mitigating the usual problems linked to handling cash such as hygiene and intake / outtake discrepancies. Upon checkout a client can add coins and notes and receive change if applicable. All operations that are made by the customer are saved by the iKentoo system.

NB: The devices of the SCM line are the only ones integrated with iKentoo.
Availability: France, Italy, Switzerland, Eurozone

cashdev monnayeur

Key characteristics of the integration with CashDev

  • Costs and time saving: no needs to dispense money to the cashiers at the beginning of the shift and to count it at the end of the shift

  • Safety: risk reduction (robberies, cash handling mistakes)

  • Flexibility: switch between cashiers at a glance

  • Hygiene: cashiers don’t have to handle coins and notes

  • Better customer service: cashiers can dedicate all their attention to customer service and satisfaction

  • Improved cash handling: no more counting mistakes

  • Peace of mind: managers don’t have to worry about theft or other cash related problems: all the operations are saved

  • Easy installation: coins and notes modules can be stacked or be installed one next to the other depending on the existing checkout

How to integrate CashDev with iKentoo

  1. Create a payment method in the iKentoo Back-Office

  2. In the newly created Payment Method select : Cash Manager Terminal, then Save