Deliveroo x iKentoo Integration

Deliveroo is a leading delivery management solution for restaurants and chains. Deliveroo’s delivery network allows restaurants of all kinds to offer home deliveries, no matter their size. With the iKentoo integration, no need to input orders twice. You’ll save time and money!

Availability: Deliveroo is available in the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Dubai UAE…

Deliveroo iKentoo caisse  enregistreuse iPad restaurant.png

Key characteristics of the integration with Deliveroo:

  • Customers order via the Deliveroo app or website.

  • These orders are instantly available in the iKentoo system. An order placed via Deliveroo will be assigned the “Delivery” account profile.

  • Once the order is ready, someone from the Deliveroo delivery team will pick up the order and deliver it.

NB: Deliveroo is not available in Switzerland.

How to integrate Deliveroo with iKentoo

  1. Contact your Deliveroo Account manager.

  2. Deliveroo greenlights the integration and contacts iKentoo.

  3. We send you the necessary documentation to link both systems.