Guestonline x iKentoo Integration

Guestonline is a “cloud” online reservation solution that streamlines the full booking process for your restaurant.

Availability: Worldwide

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Key characteristics of the integration with Guestonline:

  • Online reservation module that you can add to your website, with no commission fee per transaction

  • Assign reservations to an interactive floor plan / list of tables linked in real time to iKentoo’s

  • Protection against “no-shows” by taking credit card details

  • Integration of the online reservation module to your online listings (Google My Business, Facebook, Website…)

  • Create a solid customer database

How does it work?

  • When the client shows up, the restaurateur checks him/her in manually on the Guestonline app or website. This automatically opens a table in iKentoo. Information the client entered in Guestonline is sent to iKentoo.

  • Once the account is closed, iKentoo sends all the information of the check (payment method, items…) to Guestonline.

How to integrate Guestonline with iKentoo

  1. Contact Guestonline and ask for the integration’s activation.

  2. Ask the iKentoo Technical Support to activate the integration.