LivePepper x iKentoo Integration

LivePepper is an online content management and order taking system that allows restaurateurs to create DIY customized online ordering website that are connected to their iKentoo POS. Perfect for delivery or takeaway orders.

Availability: Worldwide


Key characteristics of the integration with LivePepper:

  • Receive of online orders from LivePepper directly in iKentoo, with desired pickup / delivery time

  • Synchronized with iKentoo client files

  • DIY personalized website design, in line with your branding and establishment’s look and feel

How to integrate LivePepper with iKentoo

  1. Send an email to LivePepper mentioning that you are a current or prospective iKentoo client

  2. Request an access for LivePepper in the iKentoo Back-Office from the iKentoo technical support team

  3. Provide all required information on your establishment for the initial configuration of the integration

  4. Manual activation of the integration by the iKentoo and LivePepper teams

  5. Configure all sales profiles, users and payment methods assigned to LivePepper in iKentoo