Marketman x iKentoo Integration

MarketMan is a software solution for stock management and purchasing. It has a platform for buyers (restaurateurs) and sellers (suppliers). It allows you to track order history, multiple stock locations, recipe sheets, per-item margin, inventory taking, losses, purchasing accounting, minimum stock levels and purchasing alerts, rapid reordering… In addition, the platform uses optical character recognition: take a pic or scan your documents (invoice...) to add items to your stocks. With MarketMan, you’ll save on average 5-7% of the total amount of your raw material costs. 

Availability: Worldwide

Marketman_desktop and mobile.png

Key characteristics of the integration with MarketMan

  • All sales in iKentoo impact the corresponding items’ stock levels in MarketMan, and are synchronized hourly

NB: to use MarketMan you need to deactivate the iKentoo stock management feature

How to integrate MarketMan with iKentoo

  1. Send an email to MarketMan mentioning that you are a current or prospective iKentoo client

  2. Provide all required information on your establishment for the initial configuration of the integration

  3. Manual activation of the integration by the iKentoo and MarketMan teams

  4. Configure your MarketMan account