MENU x iKentoo Integration

MENU allows clients to order, reorder items that they’ve previously ordered and pay the check. MENU helps you increase your table rotation rates and generates additional sales. Your clients can also benefit from more personalized orders. MENU is available as a mobile or desktop application.

NB: MENU is available in French, German, Spanish and English
Availability: Worldwide

iKentoo Menu app

Key characteristics of the integration with MENU

  • Synchronization of the establishment’s menu and floor plan

  • Allows your clients to place an order to eat in or to go

  • You are notified when an order has been paid

  • Your clients are notified when the order is ready

  • MENU accepts all major payment methods (incl. Lunch-Check)

  • Tips can be added when settling the bill

  • No need to print the receipt: receipts are saved on the MENU app and on the online platform

  • Your clients can pay the bill on their smartphone using the MENU app

How to integrate MENU with iKentoo

You can activate the iKentoo integration directly from the MENU back-office.