OrderLord x iKentoo Integration

Orderlord is a delivery management solution for restaurants and chains. The system lets managers track orders and drivers / delivery agents in real time, optimizes delivery routes based on geographic position, and communicates in real time to the clients to give them as transparent a delivery experience as possible.

Availability: Worldwide

Orderlord app & hub.png

Key characteristics of the integration with Orderlord

  • Once a delivery order arrives in the POS, it is transferred to Orderlord to prepare the dispatch

  • Orderlord centralizes all orders, organize the production flow in the kitchen, manages and updates deliveries, follows the drivers / delivery agents, and notifies the clients when their order is close to arrival

  • iKentoo is the starting point of the full payment and order taking system, and Orderlord handles the entire delivery process

How to integrate Orderlord with iKentoo

  1. Send an email to Katarina Klinkova (with info@orderlord.com in CC) mentioning that you are a current or prospective iKentoo client

  2. Provide all required information on your establishment for the initial configuration of the integration

  3. Manual activation of the integration by the iKentoo and Orderlord teams