Qoodos x iKentoo Integration

Qoodos is a loyalty service based on the use of QR codes (available on the end users iPhone or Android smartphones, or on a physical card), that is optimized for restaurants and various types of local businesses. The Qoodos platform allows you to extract statistics, segment your client base, and communicate directly to your clients by email or SMS.

Availability: Europe

Qoodos application client.png

Key characteristics of the integration with Qoodos

  • Various loyalty reward options, based on: number of visits, amount spent, points accumulated, items consumed, rebate coupons, status type formats (i.e. airline model), percentage rebates etc.

  • How it works in practice

    • A client who visits an establishment equipped with Qoodos and iKentoo scans their unique QR code, saved on their phone or physical card, on the iPad POS using the latter’s camera

    • If the client is already eligible for special offer, a pop-up message will appear to notify the cashier / waiter

      • NB: Any applicable offer is not automatically applied to the bill in iKentoo

    • After payment, all information about the bill is sent to Qoodos to allow the accumulation of points, visits or transaction value, and the subsequent calculation of loyalty rewards.

NB: There is no link between the client files in the iKentoo native CRM module and those in Qoodos

How to integrate Qoodos with iKentoo

  1. Send an email to the Qoodos team mentioning that you are a current or prospective iKentoo client

  2. Provide all required information on your establishment for the initial configuration of the integration

  3. Manual activation of the integration by the iKentoo and Qoodos teams