SumUp x iKentoo Integration

SumUp is a user-friendly digital payment terminal that connects to iKentoo via Bluetooth, and accepts contactless, chip and pin, and swipe and sign card payments. As an iKentoo client you will benefit from special commission rates and purchase prices on terminals!

Availability: Europe, United States, Canada

Key characteristics of the integration with SumUp

  • Card payments: chip and pin, swipe and sign, and contactless

  • Payment amount is automatically shown on the SumUp terminal after typing it into the POS

  • Connected by Bluetooth 4.0 or cable to the POS

  • Attractive purchase price for the terminal and special commission rates for iKentoo clients

  • Available in Switzerland, France, the UK and almost 30 other countries

NB: SumUp does not accept the Swiss “PostCard”
NB: SumUp terminals do not print receipts
NB: Not all terminal models offer a “tip on terminal” option

How to integrate SumUp with iKentoo

  1. Open an account and order a SumUp payment terminal

  2. Activate SumUp as a payment method on the iKentoo Back-Office platform

  3. Ask iKentoo technical support to activate the BLE option on the POS that is integrated with the terminal

  4. Follow the instructions for the POS to recognize the terminal in question

  5. Do a 1 CHF or 1 EUR test transaction on the iKentoo POS application