TheFork Manager x iKentoo Integration


TheFork Manager (“TFM”) is a “cloud” reservation solution developed by online reservation giant TheFork that streamlines the full booking process for your restaurant. The integration will increase your productivity and allow to gain new insights into the effectiveness of reservations for your business by combining data from TheFork and iKentoo.

Availability: Switzerland, France, Italy

Key characteristics of the integration with TheFork Manager

  • Digital reservations received on TFM can be transferred to your iKentoo POS once they arrive in your restaurant

    • By changing their status in TFM to “Arrived” or “Seated” the guests are transferred to iKentoo

    • A new open account is created in iKentoo

    • The open account can then be assigned to a table in iKentoo, as usual

    • If applicable, the corresponding TheFork deal (Ex: “-30% on the full menu”) will be shown in iKentoo

  • After the meal, all details of the bill of clients coming from TheFork are sent from iKentoo back to TFM, and will be visible in that client’s reservation history file by clicking on the “magnify” button in the TFM interface next to the client file

NB: manual or phone reservations cannot be transferred from TFM to iKentoo at this time

How to integrate TheFork Manager with iKentoo

  1. Open a TheFork account by signing up on TheFork Manager or connect to your existing TheFork Manager account

  2. Within TFM activate and configure the integration with iKentoo

  3. Manual activation of the integration by the iKentoo technical support team