Twint x iKentoo Integration

Twint is mobile payment method developed by the Swiss Post, in collaboration with banks across the country. It is an application that allows users to pay directly from their smartphone thanks to a unique QR code for every transaction shown at the point of sale (on the POS or payment terminal). The solution is “bilateral”, with separate applications for merchants and end users.

Availability: Switzerland

Key characteristics of the integration with Twint

  • After typing in the articles, you can choose “Twint” as the payment method for a transaction

  • A unique QR for the client to scan in their Twint application appears either on the payment terminal or on the POS screen

  • It is possible to integrate Twint to your CCV and SIX payment terminal rather than directly on your iKentoo POS

How to integrate Twint with iKentoo

  1. Open and configure a merchant account on and connect it to your bank account

  2. From Twint, activate the integration to the iKentoo POS

  3. Transfer the Twint “POS” identifiers to the iKentoo technical support team

  4. Request that iKentoo technical support connect Twint as an authorized payment method

ALTERNATELY: Request that your payment terminal provider (for ex. CCV) integrate Twint directly. This is even easier and faster.