Verifone x iKentoo Integration

Verifone offers various types of electronic payment terminals integrated with the iKentoo POS system that accept various types of credit and payment cards, as well certain types of contactless or digital payments.

Availability: France


Key characteristics of the integration with Verifone

  • Card payments, incl. contactless

  • Payment amount is automatically shown on the terminal after typing it into the POS

  • Possibility to cancel a card payment on the terminal directly from the POS

  • Cabled and cordless models

  • Compatible models: V200C (with or without P200), VX520, V240M, VX675

  • NB: It is not possible to take the VX520 with the P5C pin pad

How to integrate Verifone terminals with iKentoo

  1. Contact Planet Monetic (a payment service provider and reseller of Verifone terminals), open an account, and order an iKentoo-compatible payment terminal with the CONCERT protocol (see above)

  2. Send all required setup and establishment information for the initial configuration of the integration

  3. Request that iKentoo technical support finalize and activate the integration