WinBIZ x iKentoo Integration

Winbiz is a “cloud” accounting software that can automate a large part of your financial management tasks. Winbiz helps you manage your establishment with in-depth tracking of your sales and expenses, an simplifies both your daily reporting and end-of-year accounting.  

Availability: Switzerland

Winbiz desktop.jpg

Key characteristics of the integration with Winbiz

  • iKentoo is not directly integrated with Winbiz

    • From iKentoo you can export your financial data and manually re-import them into Winbiz using the dedicated format

  • Accounting, client billing, payment of invoices and expenses, VAT rate management, inventory, various types of reports, etc.

  • Winbiz is accessible via the “cloud”, with your data available on PC, Mac or smartphone

How to use Winbiz with iKentoo

  1. Configure the Winbiz accounting “mapping” in the iKentoo Back-Office

  2. Open and configure a Winbiz account on

  3. Export financial and accounting reports from iKentoo using the dedicated “Winbiz” export format

  4. Import these files manually into Winbiz