Xero x iKentoo Integration

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Xero is a “cloud” accounting software that can automate a large part of your financial management tasks. Xero helps you manage your establishment with in-depth tracking of your sales and expenses, an simplifies both your daily reporting and end-of-year accounting, and much more.

NB: Xero is only available in English
Availability: Worldwide, bank partnerships primarily in anglophone countries

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Key characteristics of the integration with Xero

  • Accounting, client billing, payment of invoices and expenses, VAT rate management, inventory, various types of reports, etc.

  • Xero is accessible via the “cloud”, with your data available on PC, Mac or smartphone

  • Automatic and real-time synchronisation of data from iKentoo to Xero

    • All purchases and transactions in iKentoo are automatically sent to Xero along with their chosen payment methods

  • Multiple team members can collaborate on financial reports and back-office management simultaneously and in real-time

  • View your cash flow in real-time, if your bank is a Xero partner

How to integrate Xero with iKentoo

  1. Open and configure a Xero account on www.xero.com

  2. Configure the Xero accounting “mapping” in the iKentoo Back-Office, following the instructions provided

  3. Connect the integration from the iKentoo Back-Office